Welcome to our new home!

Welcome to the newly launched Multiplayer Doom Federation website – your home for all things multiplayer Doom. Since the MDF began in July of 2018, we have had the goal of creating a website that encompasses all that we do as an organization combined with articles, guides, and other community happenings to create a “portal” connecting the doom multiverse. This idea originated in 2005 with our dearly departed friend Toke; he wanted a place that could guide players and mappers to keep Doom alive. I was thankful that he asked me to be involved but unfortunately he never had the chance to see it come to fruition. It is important for me now to build on his ideas and we are happy you are along for the ride!

Games, Events, and Leagues

On this site you will find information regarding the various events that the MDF either runs or co-sponsors. We will be able to provide statistics for each event as well as recognizing the winners and runner-ups for their accomplishments. We also aim to provide information on how each event will be run, with rules and dates to make it easier to keep tabs on individual events.

Knowledge Base: Guides, Tutorials, and Information

You will also come across different articles and guides written by members of the multiplayer community. Great amounts of time and effort were put into these to assist everyone from a seasoned veteran to a brand new player. You’ll find guides on everything from mapping, competitive playing, source ports, and how to survive this quirky community. If you have something that has helped you and you don’t see it here – let us know! We’d love to post it and give credit to the author. Same goes if you’d like to write something too.

Podcasting and Streaming: Live Interaction with the Community

The MDF has also branched out into the world of podcasting. The “Doom Is Dead?” podcast interviews members of the community, digging deep into their own personal history with Doom and analyzing their contributions and accomplishments. Doom Is Dead? works closely with In The Keep, our sister Arena FPS podcast, and you will find information and episodes related to that. Our YouTube channel features streams of various events and official matches that have taken place throughout MDF history.

This is just the beginning. There is a lot more to come. Welcome to the future, and enjoy your stay.

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