#10 Alex Mayfield (ZDCTF, Doom Unity, Odamex, Duel40)

Alex “AlexMax” Mayfield has been an influential member of the Doom Community for almost 20 years as a hugely successful mapper, coder, community organizer, and so much more. You’ve played his work in such map packs as the ZDCTF series, UDM3, UDMX, Odamex CTF, the 32in24 series, ChaosCore CTF, and Eyedea_. He is the maintainer of the Duel40 compilation wads, which introduced hub maps into the Doom universe. In 2020, AlexMax was credited as a contributor to the Doom Classic Unity Port, providing uncapped framerate into the official release. // AlexMax: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Alex_Mayfield_(AlexMax) // MDF: https://doomfederation.com/ // The Keep: http://inthekeep.com/ // 

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