One-Day US 3-Way CTF Event – Saturday, April 10th @ 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST

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Teams will compete through 3 rounds to reach the Finals. Each round, the number of flags that a team scores determines how it advances through a seeding method. The more flags your team scores, the better chance you have at receiving a higher seed and reaching the finals. During the first and second rounds, maps will be randomly assigned from the pool to both groups. During the semi-finals and finals, teams will choose one map from the pool to play in each group. There are no tiebreakers. MAX FLAGS PER ROUND IS 7 FLAGS.

6-9 Teams, 2v2v2


Teams are split up into groups of 3. Each group will play 3 maps, with each team being assigned seeding depending on their overall number of flags:

GROUP 1: Team A – 11 Flags, Team B – 8 Flags, Team C – 7 Flags
GROUP 2: Team D – 10 Flags, Team E – 9 Flags, Team F – 5 Flags


The groups will then swap based on their seeding, for example: #1/#3/#5 as one group, and #2/#4/#6 as the next. Flag totals will carry over from the first round.

GROUP 3: Team A – 23 Flags, Team E – 17 Flags, Team C – 16 Flags
GROUP 4: Team B – 24 Flags, Team D – 18 Flags, Team F – 14 Flags


The semi-finals round splits the group up once again based on their seeding, giving the #1 seed the best chance to reach the finals. The seedings split the groups up as follows: #1/#5/#6, and #2/#3/#4. Flag totals DO NOT carry over, but in this round the 3 teams that have the most flags overall from BOTH groups advance to the final round.

GROUP 5: Team B – 10 Flags, Team C – 7 Flags, Team F – 6 Flags
GROUP 6: Team A – 8 Flags, Team D – 12 Flags, Team E – 9 Flags(edited)


The teams that have the highest flag total overall will advance to the finals, where they will play 3 maps to determine the winner of the tournament. At the end of the 3 maps, the team with the highest number of flags scored throughout every round will be crowned the winner.

GROUP 7: Team B – 9 Flags, Team D – 13 Flags, Team E – 9 Flags



MAPS: 03, 05, 06, 08, 09, 11, 17, 19

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