MMODE #1 – FFA Day, Show The World Doom is Alive!

The Multiplayer Doom Federation in coordination with ZDaemon Sessions presents the first MMODE event:

Massive Multiplayer Online Doom Experience – Event #1

We will show the world that life still exists in doom deathmatch multiplayer by getting 100 players or more playing at once across various free-for-all servers.  A special wad compilation of 50 selected FFA maps will be used.

The event will take place on ZDaemon, May 23, between 3 Eastern and 7 Eastern.  More details will be posted on this website once finalized and also in our Discord Server at

So calling all players, if you’re out there, mark your calendars and show your support for the doom community by participating in the first MMODE event.  Show the world we still exist and that there is still lots of life left in doom!

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