Langrenus Wins Take The Crown FFA Tournament!

August 9th was the FFA Finals of the Take The Crown: Doom II FFA Tournament where 8 qualified players battled for a piece of the $750 prize pool. All 8 players made it through a grueling 7 hour Group Stage, which led to a Top 20 cutoff in points. The 4 players with the most points automatically earned a spot in the Finals, with the remaining 16 entering a Wildcard runoff to determine the final 4 participants. The qualified players were as follows:









Full Tournament Results

In the FFA Finals, Langrenus took the first 4 maps on his way to building a significant lead. Tobi managed to win the 5th map, but Langrenus came back and won the remaining 3 to secure his 1st place victory. The remaining placements were all determined in the final map of the rotation, which led to some exciting finishes and capped off an intense weekend for everyone involved. Final results are as follows:

1st. Langrenus ($350)

2nd. proteh ($250)

3rd. Infer ($150)

All Top 8 participants will walk away with a t-shirt and a poster, as seen below, and several other participants in the tournament will randomly be selected to win a poster.

Congratulations to the top finishers! You can checkout the final brackets here:

The finals were streamed live on the Bethesda Twitch page, but you can find it uploaded onto our YouTube as well. Special thanks go out to our Group Stage streamers: KingDime, In The Keep, and Xenaero. Thank you to Ralphis for compiling the FFA wad, and thank you to all participants who made this a great event!

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