FFA Event Results

Below are the Top 3 placements of each FFA Event that the MDF has held. Click the link to see detailed results for each event!

:zand: US FFA October ’18: :first_place: Dragon :second_place: Xenaero :third_place: HumanBones

:zand: EU FFA December ’18: :first_place: D’sparil :second_place: Langrenus :third_place: Dragon

:zand: US FFA January ’19: :first_place: D’sparil :second_place: Langrenus / Dragon

:odamex: US FFA February ’19: :first_place: DevastatioN :second_place: Tai :third_place: Ralphis / Dragon

:zand: EU FFA March ’19: :first_place: D’sparil :second_place: Dragon :third_place: Galactus

:zand: US FFA NeonDM May ’19: :first_place: Langrenus :second_place: D’sparil :third_place: Decay

:ZDaemon: EU FFA June ’19: :first_place: Dastan :second_place: Dragon :third_place: Kamzpro

:odamex: US FFA September ’19: :first_place: Ralphis :second_place: Hekksy :third_place: HumanBones

:zand: US FFA December ‘19: :first_place: Animal :second_place: Legion :third_place: Tai

:ZDaemon: EU FFA February ’20: :first_place: tzhoikin :second_place: Dastan :third_place: TheFatWilly

:odamex: US FFA March ’20: :first_place: DevastatioN :second_place: Asriel :third_place: Dragon

:zand: EU D4T AEONDM FFA March ’20: :first_place: Dragon :second_place: Asriel :third_place: pan kartofel

:odamex: US TTC FFA August ’20: :first_place: Langrenus :second_place: Proteh :third_place: Infer

:ZDaemon: US Pandemonium FFA January ’21: :first_place: thebestkiller :second_place: HumanBones :third_place: dew