Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Hall of Fame! This is where we list the winners and runners-up of all completed tournaments run under the MDF brand.

= Duel =

:odamex: Toke 10 Year Memorial Moo2d Duel Tournament: :first_place: DevastatioN :second_place: DemonSphere :third_place: Ralphis / HumanBones

:zand: US ProgDuel August ’18::first_place: Avernus :second_place: HumanBones :third_place: Decay/Jason     :zand: EU ProgDuel August ’18::first_place: Avernus :second_place: Unknown :third_place: HumanBones        :zand: US ProgDuel September ’18::first_place: Avernus :second_place: Razgriz :third_place: Ru5tK1ng            :zand: EU ProgDuel September ’18::first_place: Galactus :second_place: Razgriz :third_place: Unknown
:zand: EU NS Duel40 November ’18: :first_place: Dragon :second_place: D’sparil :third_place: Langrenus
:zand: US NS Duel40 November ’18: :first_place: Dragon :second_place: HumanBones :third_place: Langrenus :zand: EU OS Jacob’s Ladder May ’19: :first_place: D’sparil :second_place: Dragon :third_place: Langrenus
:ZDaemon: US NS Duel July ’19: :first_place: Dragon :second_place: HumanBones :third_place: TheBestKiller
:zand: US/EU OS Take The Crown Qualifier #1 February ’20: :first_place: Denzoa :second_place: Langrenus :third_place: Animal :fourth:Ammar
:zand: US/EU OS Take The Crown Qualifier #2 February ’20: :first_place: Dsparil :second_place: Ghostkiller :third_place: Jwarrier :fourth: Proteh
:zand: US/EU OS Take The Crown Qualifier #3 March ’20: :first_place: Dant3 :second_place: Zakken :third_place: TheBestKiller :fourth: Seifer
 US/EU OS Take The Crown Qualifier #4 March ’20: :first_place: Devastation :second_place: Tai :third_place: Dastan :fourth: Legion
:zand: US/EU OS Take The Crown Main Tournament March ’20: :first_place: Denzoa :second_place: Langrenus :third_place: Jwarrier :fourth: Dant3
= Deathmatch =

:zand: US FFA October ’18: :first_place: Dragon :second_place: Xenaero :third_place: HumanBones

:zand: EU FFA December ’18: :first_place: D’sparil :second_place: Langrenus :third_place: Dragon
:zand: US FFA January ’19: :first_place: D’sparil :second_place: Langrenus / Dragon
:odamex: US FFA February ’19: :first_place: DevastatioN :second_place: Tai :third_place: Ralphis / Dragon
:zand: EU FFA March ’19: :first_place: D’sparil :second_place: Dragon :third_place: Galactus
:zand: US FFA NeonDM May ’19: :first_place: Langrenus :second_place: D’sparil :third_place: Decay
:ZDaemon: EU FFA June ’19: :first_place: Dastan :second_place: Dragon :third_place: Kamzpro
:odamex: US FFA September ’19: :first_place: Ralphis :second_place: Hekksy :third_place: HumanBones
:zand: US FFA December ‘19: :first_place: Animal :second_place: Legion :third_place: Tai
:ZDaemon: EU FFA February ’20: :first_place: tzhoikin :second_place: Dastan :third_place: TheFatWilly
:odamex: US FFA March ’20: :first_place: DevastatioN :second_place: Asriel :third_place: Dragon
= Team Last Man Standing =

:zand: EU GvH TLMS January ’19: :first_place: D’sparil, Carpathia, IdeIdoom :second_place: JustAPlayer, Langrenus, Zakken :third_place: Dragon, Scythe_, AgiSkell

:zand: US/EU TLMS February ’19: :first_place: [CI] D’sparil, Carpathia, 100% Newb :second_place: [WS] Dragon, Fizz, Sharp :third_place: [CM1] Asriel, Zakken, TheBestKiller
= Capture the Flag =

:zand: US/EU 3-Way CTF January ’19: :first_place: [WOW] Dragon, D’sparil :second_place: [NGS] Rangle, Ammar / [DP] Zakken, AVC

:ZDaemon: US/EU 3-Way CTF One Day June ’19: :first_place: [HMM] Dragon, D’sparil :second_place: [OSN] DevastatioN, HumanBones :third_place: [RAS] Kamzpro, Pan-kartofel
:ZDaemon: US/EU 3-Way CTF One Day July ’19: :first_place: [HMM] Dragon, D’sparil :second_place: [2PO] Asriel, Dastan :third_place: [CTB] HumanBones, Slaerd
:zand: Oceanic CTF One Day August ’19: :first_place: [LOL] Dragon, D’sparil, Legion :second_place: [OFoD] Dew, HumanBones, deathz0r :third_place: [DP] Dagazur(Ret), Vertigo, Wolfcult :ZDaemon: US/EU 3-Way CTF One Day September ’19: :first_place: [WSP] D’sparil, Water :second_place: [HB] Dastan, Slaerd :third_place: [DTZ] HumanBones, Worst
:zand: US/EU 3-Way CTF One Day October ’19: :first_place: [FUTA] D’sparil, GhostKiller / [00] Langrenus, Slaerd :third_place: [PEM] Agiskell, Water
:zand: US/EU Vengeance CTF October-December ’19: :first_place: [POG] Dastan, Galactus, Samurai, Tai :second_place: [HOF] Ammar, Dew, TheCitrusKiwi, Water :third_place: [???] Killer007, Langrenus, Rosking, TheFatwilly / [#@!] Denzoa, HTG, Jwarrier, Legion
= Instagib =

:zand: EU Instagib CTF One Day March ’19: :first_place: Dragon, Galactus, Killer007 :second_place: D’sparil, Unknown, Wirtualnosc :third_place: HumanBones, Langrenus, TheBestKiller

May 5, 2019
= Skulltag =

:zand: US Skulltag May ’19: :first_place: [FG] Asriel, REDACTED, Langrenus :second_place: [WWO] Razgriz, 100% Newb, Killer007 :third_place: [A2B] Slaerd, TheBestKiller, Profrenderer

= Team Deathmatch =

:zand: US/EU TDM July ’19: :first_place: [FG] Asriel, pan kartofel :second_place: [BMZ] HumanBones, Slaerd :third_place: [OP] Dew, turSKA / [NOOB] Flambeau, NationWideMoose

:ZDaemon: US/EU TDM August ’19: :first_place: [zt05] Cecil, GhostKilleR :second_place: [PNF] Dragon, D’sparil :third_place: [B-N] DevastatioN, HumanBones
:zand: EU ProgDuel TDM October ’19: :first_place: [LS] Agiskell, Langrenus :second_place: [SOJ] D’sparil, Slaerd :third_place: [88] Nekbar, yamazaki / [DF] Dew, Dragonfly
= Other =

:zand: US Push Duel June ’19: :first_place: Playe :second_place: Turbo Saber :third_place: Untitled

:zand: EU Doomware September ’19: :first_place: Carpathia :second_place: Galactus :third_place: D’sparil
:ZDaemon: US King of The Hill September ’19: :first_place: [BC] Caution, GhostKilleR, Water :second_place: [LotA] DevastatioN, HumanBones, Torvald :third_place: [LiP] Dastan, D’sparil, Slaerd/Vertigo
:zand: US Push FFA October ’19: :first_place: Lorenzo :second_place: Slaerd :third_place: Laggy Blazko
:zand: EU Jumpmaze FFA January ’20: :first_place: Snail :second_place: D’sparil :third_place: Carpathia
:zand: US/EU Dodgeball TLMS February ’20: :first_place: [KJ] Dastan, Zakken :second_place: [NIG] Carpathia, Slaerd :third_place: [WWO] Dsparil, Lessthanpropane
:zand: US/EU King of The Hill March ’20: :first_place: [UAC] Ghostkiller, Water :second_place: [XVB] HumanBones, Slaerd :third_place: [UU] Asriel, Legion