Freeplay Sessions #2 – Insanity Deathmatch on AeonDM – Saturday, April 17th @ 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST

We’ll be running the newest release of Insanity Deathmatch, created by Kaapeli, for Freeplay Sessions #2! Insanity Deathmatch is a multiplayer pk3 mod for Zandronum that features over 35 new weapons, several different armor types and powerups along with hundreds of random gibbing sounds. Here are some of the updates in V0.97, which was released on April 10th:


  • Added a new Shotgun (Slot 3): The Riot Shotgun! A 4-round burst shotgun that shoots at a fast rate of fire, and the same accuracy as the regular Shotgun.It can make quick work of your enemies from close to medium range, shooting 15 pellets per shot, adding up to a total of 60 pellets in a single 4-round burst!The Riot Shotgun can spawn on the map in the Shotgun and Super Shotgun spots.
  • The following weapons have new versions for the Strength powerup: Super Shotgun, Quad Shotgun, Wraithverge.
  • Super Shotgun and Shotgun spawn probabilities have been changed. See RANDOM SPAWNERS in the main post, or WADINFO.txt/WEAPON SPAWNERS from the InsanityDM_v0.97 zip package for more info.
  • Balance changes made to the Fist, Pistol, Machinegun, Yellowboy, Blaster, Boomstick, Buckshot, Nailgun, Super Nailgun, Heavy Machinegun, Grenade Launcher, Heat Seeker,Plasma Gun, Plasmachine Gun, Pulse Rifle, Plasma Beam, Railgun, BFG Prototype, BFG10000, Freeze Cannon, Wraithverge and Bloodscourge.


  • Increased the respawn timer of the Strength powerup from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.


  • Added 6 new gibbing sounds! (Now a total of 461!)

MDF Freeplay Sessions #2:

WHEN: Saturday, April 17th @ 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST

WAD(s): AeonDM + Insanity Deathmatch

GAMEMODE: Deathmatch

PORT: Zandronum


As reminder, we’ve created a simple-to-use SUBMISSION FORM that is open for everyone to utilize, with each submission notifying staff to begin working on it. Events will be organized on a first-come, first-serve basis AND are subject to staff availability. Although there may be a delay between when an event is submitted and when it gets organized, all submissions will be run.

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