One-Day Team Signups CTF Event

April 4, 2020 @ 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Teams are split into two groups of 3-4 each. Each team will play every other team once in a round robin within the groups. In every group, the number of rounds each team wins determines how it advances through a seeding method. The more rounds your team wins, the better chance you have at receiving a higher seed and reaching the semi-finals. During the group rounds, teams choose “homefields” from a map pool of 7. In each matchup, teams will play their homefield as well as their opponents homefield. Tiebreaker maps will be randomly chosen. Homefield picks can be the same in each matchup.
2 Round Win = 4 Points
3 Round Win = 3 Points
Tie Game = 2 Points
3 Round Loss = 1 Point
2 Round Loss = 0 Points
6-8 Teams, 3v3
FIRST ROUND: Each group will play 2 rounds (or a 3rd tiebreaker), with each team being assigned seeding depending on their overall round wins:

Team A v Team B: Team A wins 2-1
Team A v Team C: Team A wins 2-0
Team B v Team C: Tie 1-1

Team A: 7 points Team B: 3 points Team C: 1 point


Team D v Team E: Team E wins 2-1
Team D v Team F: Tie 1-1
Team E v Team F: Team F wins 2-0

Team D: 3 points Team E: 3 points Team F: 6 points

SECOND ROUND: Groups are swapped. The top two teams from the First Round play one less game but start with a 2 round-win advantage. Teams play opponents based on seeding. Round totals carry over.
Team A v Team E: Team A wins 2-0

Team F v Team C: Team F wins 2-0
Team B v Team D: Team B wins 2-1
Team B v Team E: Tie 1-1
Team C v Team D: Team D wins 2-0
Team C v Team E: Team C wins 2-1

Team A: 8 points Team B: 5 points Team C: 1 point Team D: 5 Points Team E: 3 points Team F: 8 points

SEMI-FINALS ROUND: The four teams with the highest points will advance to the semi-finals.

Team A - 2 wins, Team E - 1 win


Team F - 0 wins, Team B - 2 wins

Team A: 3 points Team B: 4 points Team E: 1 point Team F: 0 points FINALS ROUND Both of the winners from the semi-finals goes to the finals which are also a bo3.


Team A - 2 wins, Team B - 1 win


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