One-Day 10-Frag US Duel Event

April 26, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

ONE-DAY 10-Frag US Duel Event being hosted on Odamex, scheduled for Sunday, April 26th @ 2pm Eastern.

The event will be a BO5, with players eliminating from a map pool until 1 map is chosen. All games will be played on the remaining map. Each match will be 10 frags with no timelimit, however there will be a forced respawn of 3 seconds to keep games going. The event will be Double Elimination, giving everyone a chance to fight their way back.

Fraglimit: 10

Format: BO5, Double Elimination

Grand Finals: BO5 with each player selecting a homefield map. The format is 2-1-1-1, switching off between homefield maps.

Signups end at 1pm Eastern, 1 hour before gametime.


Dwango5 map02

Greenwar Map16

Greenwar Map20

UDM3 Map01

UDM3 Map07

This event will be supported by Plasmabump:

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