Denzoa Wins KingDime’s Take The Crown Duel Tournament!

March 14 was the final bracket of KingDime’s Take the Crown DooM II Duel Tournament where 16 qualified players battled for a piece of the $1500 prize pool.  It was set to be quite a tournament with top talent from all around the world competing.  The qualified players were as follows:

Qualifier 1                  Qualifier 2                  Qualifier 3                Qualifier 4

Denzoa                        D’Sparil                      Dant3                       DevastatioN

Langrenus                   GhostKiller                Zakken                      Tai

Animal                         JWarrier                    thebestkiller              Dastan

Ammar                        proteh                       Seifer                         Legion

Link                             Link                                Link                           Link


In the grand finals it came down to two players, Denzoa against Langrenus.  Denzoa took the grand finals 4-2, to secure the top spot, and the $750 USD first place prize.  Final results are as follows:

1st:      Denzoa ($750 USD)

2nd:     Langrenus ($450 USD)

3rd:      JWarrier ($225 USD)

4th:      Dant3 ($75 USD)


Congratulations to the top finishers!  You can checkout the final brackets here:


The events were streamed by Tastyspleen, KingDime, TheMotherload and Xenaero.  Missed out on your action?  Check out video recordings of the streams at the follow links:

DOOM 2: Take The Crown Duel Tournament (Qualifier #1) RECOMMEND SKIPPING TO 1:39:30
Prev 1 of 4 Next
Prev 1 of 4 Next

Thank you to all of the volunteers and players that made this event a success.  The MDF looks forward to organizing more great successful events like this in the future.

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