Announcing Freeplay Sessions!

We’re excited to announce what we are calling Freeplay Sessions, a series of casual events to be chosen and submitted by YOU! That’s right – Freeplay Sessions will allow everyone to submit their own idea for a casual session. Players will choose the source port, the gamemode, the wad, the maps, the day of the week and other settings. Once submitted, the MDF staff will take care of setting up a specific date, server, and highlighting for the public at large to come and take part. If it sounds easy, that’s because it is!

We’ve created a simple-to-use SUBMISSION FORM that is open for everyone to utilize, with each submission notifying staff to begin working on it. Events will be organized on a first-come, first-serve basis AND are subject to staff availability. Although there may be a delay between when an event is submitted and when it gets organized, all submissions will be run.

The form will be located at the top of our web page in the menu bar. We hope this gets more players involved in the community and we’re looking forward to seeing your ideas!

MDF Freeplay Sessions #1:

WHEN: Saturday, March 27th @ 5pm EDT / 10pm CET

WAD: Back to Saturn X E1

GAMEMODE: Survival (20 players)

PORT: Odamex 0.9

MAPS: 01-25, 31-32

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