All Out War 2 6v6 2-day Event – Saturday, May 29th & June 5th @ 7:30 CEST / 9:30 EDT

 What is All Out War 2: AOW2 is an ACS game mode based of Command and Conquer where you aim to destroy the enemy’s team buildings. You earn credits by performing actions such as fragging or clearing objectives to get access to an array of classes or powerful mechs. The mod’s playerbase is still very active, so don’t hesitate to join pubs on Firestick to try it out!

Where to sign up: Sign up in our discord in #aow-2day-signups!

EVENT DURATION : 2h – 3h on both days

All Out War 2 games are very long, so adjustements need to be made from the public settings to make this event playable.
Sudden death: 30 minutes
Tickets: 75
Timelimit: 45 minutes
The addition of a timelimit requires the addition of a tiebreak system which will be the following:
Number of main buildings up > Sum of main building % > Tickets

AOW01 – Red Zone
AOW02 – Barrens
AOW03 – Oasis

Games will be played in a 6v6 format, with teams signing up as premades. The tournament will be played over the course of two days, with one week separating both days. THE TOURNAMENT WILL FEATURE A MAXIMUM OF 4 TEAMS. Extra signups will serve as a free agency, as AOW2 games are very long and players are likely to drop out.

Day 1: May 29th
Day 1 will be a Round Robin, with each team playing each other in BO1 matches. With 4 teams, the matches will go in the following order:
A vs B      C vs D   on AOW01
A vs C      B vs D   on AOW02
A vs D      B vs C   on AOW03

Day 2: June 5th
Day 2 will see the top 2 teams from Day 1 battle it out in a BO3, with maps being played in order: AOW01 -> AOW02 -> AOW03 (tiebreaker).

<Blue Firestick> ~~ MDF All Out War Event #1
<Blue Firestick> ~~ MDF All Out War Event #

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