About Us

Welcome to the Multiplayer Doom Federation! We are taking lessons learned from mostly competitive CTF over the years to create an entirely new experience playing almost every game mode you can think of. We want to bridge the gap and unite the various corners of the community from mappers, to modders, to competitive duelers and everything in between. We want this community to be for the people and ran by the people – let us know what YOU want to play.


Commissioners – the leadership of the MDF, with HumanBones as the effective prime commissioner. They decide on the general paths the Federation should progress towards and are responsible for running the organization at all levels. They also choose adepts for the Council.

  • Buu342
  • dewww
  • Dragon
  • Flambeau
  • HumanBones
  • Marcaek
  • Slaerd

Council – the members entrusted with planning and running the week-to-week Federation program. They provide the ideas and workforce needed to keep the MDF fresh and running regularly without people burning out from exhaustion. They can also ban undesirables.

  • D’sparil
  • Denzoa
  • DevastatioN
  • HateDaddy
  • KingDime
  • Steve88
  • Tobi
  • Xenaero (Director of Odamex Events)

Directors – members of the Council who specialize in organizing events on specific ports other than Zandronum. This role was created to expand the league footprint and outreach on a more consistent level across the entire multiplayer community.

Contributors – members of the wider MP scene who provide “soft” support with their extensive knowledge or community power. While not directly MDF staffers, these people are an important voice of reason at the table.

  • AF-Domains
  • aura
  • Michaelis
  • TheMotherload
  • Unknown
  • vertigo
  • Worst