2v2 Odamex TDM League – Time Table + Signups Open!

Signups are now open for the 2v2 Odamex TDM League – please join our Discord server to participate. Signups will remain open until 11:59PM EDT on Wednesday, October 14th. Continue reading for the Time Table as well as all league info and settings –


Sunday, September 20th, 2020
Signups open

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
Signups close and team lineups are solidified.

Friday, October 16th, 2020
Groups and matchups are revealed.


Monday, October 19th, 2020
Week 1 of Group Stage begins.


November 9th – November 15th, 2020
Playoffs Quarter-Finals

November 16th – November 22nd, 2020
Playoffs Semi-Finals

November 23rd – November 29th, 2020
TDM League Finals

General Settings

The league will be 2v2 and played on Odamex, below are the detailed settings:

Group Stage:

Fraglimit: 60 frags
Timelimit: 7minutes
Jumping: Off
Mouselook: On
Team Damage: On (100%)
Item Respawn: On


Fraglimit: 75 frags
Timelimit: None
Jumping: Off
Mouselook: On
Team Damage: On (100%)
Item Respawn: On(edited)

Phase 1: Group Stage

Round Robin – each group will consist of 4 teams. Games will be scheduled on a weekly basis. Games are BO3. At the end of the Group Stage, 2 teams from each group will advance to the Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals (depending on number of team signups).

Point Distribution
4 points with a two-round win
3 points for a three-round win
2 points for a tie
1 point for a three-round loss
0 points for a two-round loss

Phase 2: Playoffs (Quarter/Semi-finals)

Matches will be played in a BO5 fashion.

2 teams advance per group and will be seeded according to group stage results. If there are only 4 teams total then Phase 2 is skipped entirely. If more than 2 groups are formed, 8 teams will face off in a quarter-finals stage best of 5.

example: #1 v #8, #2 v #7 | #3 v #6, #4 v #5.

The top 2 teams from each group advance to the Semi-Finals and face off against each other.

example: #1 v #7 | #3 v #5

12 teams: 3 groups of 4, with the top 2 advancing… #7-#10 will have a “play-in” single round to determine seeds #7 and #8.

Phase 3: Finals

If group A & B will be formed, 2 from each group will advance and make a finals group.
A1 vs B2 & B1 vs A2 in a single elimination bracket, best of 5.(edited)

Map Pool and Selection:

32in24-15 map01
Cgi2 map02
Darkgoth Map18
Dwango5 map07
Eondm map01
Eondm map13
Exec map03
Greenwar map20
Lazarus map06
Mancerx map01
Pandemonium map04
Skirmish map12
TLSD2004 map13
UDM3 map07
UDMX map08
UDMX map14
UDMX map19
Vex-Doom map01

Find all the wads here: http://humanbones.mancubus.net/TDM_Wads.zip

Group Stage Map Selection

In the group stage, teams are given 7 maps per week from the pool and will choose maps in a “ban/ban/pick/pick/ban/ban system, with the remaining map being the tiebreaker. Each week of the group stage will feature a different set of 7 maps from the pool.

Playoffs Stage Map Selection

All teams will pick 2 homefield maps for the playoffs from the map pool. These 2 maps will be the homefield maps for the duration of the playoffs. Teams may select the same maps as another team. Playoff matches will feature teams going back and forth between the homefield maps in a BO5.

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